Past Forward

Via Montenapoleone Past Forward. Sant Ambroeus Milano, the historical and refined pastry shop symbol of the Milanese sweetness,  kicked off its 80th anniversary festivities with a cocktail party for the book “Sant Ambroeus. Ermenegildo Zegna unveiled “Zegna Couture Bespoke Atelier”: from made-to-measure (a made-to-measure suit costs upwards of €1,000) to bespoke (a bespoke suit goes from €5,000 to €10,000), from slow luxury (you need to wait for eight weeks) to very slow luxury (the tailors need at least three months.
Issey Miyake’s flagship and Fondazione Prada’s Osservatorio under the Xmas Tree.  Issey Miyake’s first Italian store will be opened on February 2017. Fondazione Prada unveiled Osservatorio, a new gallery focused on photography and its connection with other art disciplines and creative forms of expression, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where Swarovsky dressed the Xmas Tree. Brunello Cucinelli and Coach,  opening soon in Via Montenapoleone.

one-of-a-kind Swishes

Luxury discovers ‘dochakuka’ (土着化). #DGMontenapoleone: Dolce & Gabbana’s Via Monte Napoleone one-of-a-kind boutique.  Domenico Dolce &  Stefano Gabbana’s endeavor stems from an idealistic desire to instill a dose of cultural virtues to each single store thanks to “a new formula where emotion, dialog, diversity and cultural exchange come together in spaces that are stages, not shops, where experience and storytelling are the protagonists.
Jimmy Choo opens the first Men’s boutique which marks the first retail presence in Italy for the Jimmy Choo men’s collection, links the new men’s store to the Via Sant’Andrea renovated women’s boutique, and unveils the Women’s exclusive Made-to-Order service and a one-of-a-kind Bridal collection VIP room.
LASA, Kiton’s oldest and finest one-of-a-kind suit model.


Mirella Denti Jewellery, “so chic, so gorgeous”.  There, in Mirella’s “lounge of dreams”, lie  fabulous creations by Fabergé, David Webb, Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany, Van Cleef  Arpels, Maboussin, Lalique, Bulgari and Mirella Denti.

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Fashion R(e)Evolution, Exhibitions & Protest. ‘See-Now, Buy-Now’: R(e)Evolution or Semantic? Wait and See.
It wouldn’t be MILANO MODA DONNA Fashion Week  without  ‘R(e)Evolution,  Exhibitions & Protest’. The six-day event will see 73 runway shows, 90 presentations – nine of them by invitation – and another 13 events. The Sartorialist’s LA PASSEGGIATA / THE WALK Outdoor Exhibition in Via Montenapoleone. Royal Palace is to present the exhibition “THE ART OF THE ITALIAN BIJOU”. Naked PETA Activists In Gas Masks Kick Off Milan Fashion Week With Anti-Fur Protest.

G. Lorenzi, is back in Via Monte Napoleone! Italian luxury brand Larusmiani  reserved  an exclusive space for the wide range of Aldo Lorenzi’s exquisite accessories that found a new home in the historic Larusmiani Concept Boutique at number 7 on Via Monte Napoleone. The boutique dates back to 1954 and is the oldest tailor’s shop and ready to wear boutique on Via Montenapoleone; Conde Nast Traveller and Wallpaper defined it as one of the ten best boutiques in the world. Guglielmo Miani and Aldo Lorenzi: the natural and brilliant elegance of two men who play with the essence of style and break the rules.

Ecce Homo? Prima Donna!

Via Gesù vs Savile Row. The Quest for the Best. Men fashion is definitely taking centerstage in growth these days as Milan launches its own version of Savile Row. Milan's Via Gesù becomes “La Via Dell’Uomo” ("Men's Street") – a gentlemen's row, the epicenter of men’s Italian lifestyle. The goal is to transfer the Via Gesù into a shopping street exclusively for men, allowing the fast-paced gentleman of today to find “all the services and accessories he is used to” all in one place. “Via Gesù is more than Savile Row or any other shopping streets, which are deserted after the stores are closed. It is a lively street, with residences and which has held onto its authentic Milan-style vibrancy with normal activities that take place every day,” says Umberto Angeloni, President and CEO of Caruso.